Jimmy Fallon Believes Doctor Who Says Trump Works Out Daily: ‘Gets His Cardio in by Storming Out of Courtrooms’ | Video

The NBC host is admittedly skeptical of Trump’s cognitive exams though

To celebrate President Biden’s birthday this week, Donald Trump boasted about his own latest round of physical and cognitive exams, noting that his doctor claimed he’s in “excellent” health. And Jimmy Fallon totally believes that, considering Trump gets pretty worked up while in court.

On November 20, Biden’s exact birthday, Trump posted a letter from his doctor on Truth Social, which specifically noted that Trump has “reduced his weight” by way of “continued daily physical activity.” That made total sense to Fallon, he just noted that it probably wasn’t daily activity in an actual gym.

“Yeah, Trump’s the only guy who gets his cardio in by storming out of courtrooms,” Fallon joked.

That said, the “Tonight Show” host was a bit concerned about Trump’s cognitive exams, despite the disgraced ex-president’s doctor saying the results were “exceptional.”

“All I know is, when your friend is like ‘Guys, I took a cognitive exam, and everything’s fine,’ that usually means the opposite,” he joked. “It’s like, why are you taking this exam?”

Fallon then noted that he actually got hold of the exam Trump took, as well as his answers — which jokingly included “Old Willy Wonka” as Trump’s response to a question asking him to identify the man in a photo of Abraham Lincoln.

You can watch Jimmy Fallon’s full monologue in the video above.


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