Jimmy Fallon Jokes the NYC Earthquake Led to ‘the Statue of Liberty Twerking’

“While everything was shaking, Times Square Elmo was like ‘whoa, the drugs are hitting different today,'” Fallon quips in his monologue

Like a lot of New Yorkers, Jimmy Fallon was highly amused by the 4.8 magnitude earthquake that hit the greater New York City area on Friday.

The “Tonight Show” host had plenty of jokes about it during his monologue, quipping at the jump that “while everything was shaking, Times Square Elmo was like ‘whoa, the drugs are hitting different today.’”

“No one is ready for an earthquake. The last thing New York expected to see this morning was the Statue of Liberty twerking,” Fallon added.

“The NYPD said that the earthquake did not cause any damage to the subway,” Fallon said, continuing his highly NYC-focused jokes. “Yep, apparently all that damage was there before. So, what a week — New York, on Wednesday, we had floods. Today, there was an earthquake. Monday, there’s going to be an eclipse. Craziest of all? Last night, the Mets won.”

Next, Fallon joked about the cell phone text alerts people in New York City received. “The first said New York was struck by a 4.8 magnitude earthquake, ‘remain calm.’ Yeah, then it said the earthquake was a 4.8, but on Tinder it says it was a 6.1. Then it said, ‘bro the marketing for Godzilla x Kong is out of control.’”

Fallon followed up by getting whimsical for a second. “Yeah, here’s what I was doing during the earthquake: ‘Just finished my card tower, now to take a sip of champagne while admiring my fine China,’” he said.

There’s plenty more — you can watch the whole monologue at the top of the page.


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