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Jimmy Fallon Plays Pitbull in Giant ‘Simpsons’ Beer Pong (Video)

And taunts him by dancing in tight, white pants

Jimmy Fallon and Pitbull just lived out every college student’s dream by playing a game of beer pong using giant red cups and Homer Simpson’s beer of choice, Duff.

While continuing to integrate “The Tonight Show” with Universal Studios in Orlando, Fallon donned a pair of his signature tight, white pants to face Mr. Worldwide in the popular drinking game that was set up outside Moes Tavern in the theme parks’ Springfield U.S.A. area.

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Once Fallon took an early lead by sinking two balls, Pitbull decided it must be the power of the pants propelling the NBA late-night host toward victory, and changed into his own pair.

Watch the competition (above) to see if Pitbull’s gamble paid off.