Fallon Celebrates ‘Bully’ DeSantis Working With Biden on Hurricane Relief: Like ‘Special Episode of a Disney Sitcom’ (Video)

“He actually even offered him a free flight to Martha’s Vineyard,” Fallon joked

Jimmy Fallon was pleasantly surprised to see Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and President Joe Biden working amicably together this week, following the damage of Hurricane Ian. The “Tonight Show” host joked that it gave him the same feeling that a very special episode of a beloved sitcom might.

During his monologue, Fallon noted that Biden flew to Florida to see the damage in person, and met with DeSantis while he was there. The meeting was particularly notable to some, considering how openly critical DeSantis has been of Biden, as recently as a few weeks ago. But Fallon had an inkling as to why it went well.

“It’s like that special episode of a Disney sitcom where the school bully realizes he needs help on his math homework,” he joked. “He’s like ‘Sorry I called you those names.’”

In reality, no real apology was made, at least in any kind of public setting. Still, Fallon praised the Florida governor for being cordial.

“DeSantis was actually nice to Biden. He actually even offered him a free flight to Martha’s Vineyard,” he sniped. “I thought that was cool. Generous!”

The late night host was of course referring to how DeSantis recently sent multiple planes of migrants — who had actually come to Texas, and not his state of Florida — to Martha’s Vineyard, reportedly tricking them into going willingly.

You can watch Fallon’s full monologue in the video above.