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Jimmy Fallon Takes On Lebron James In ‘Wastepaper Basketball’ (Video)

“The Tonight Show” host schools the NBA star in an office game of one-on-one

“Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon dropped old-school rhymes with the Miami Heat’s Lebron James in a skit about their favorite “sport:” Trash can basketball.

That’s right — Fallon vs. Lebron, sinking wads of paper from the three-point line.

“Basketball is my favorite sport, but not the kind of basketball that’s on the court,” Fallon rapped. “I’m talking ’bout the b-ball that you play in the office…Lean back, take a shot, put it in the can, your co-workers saw it, now you’re the man!”

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James dropped the next verse: “I’m the new accountant, my name’s Lebron, what’s the heck is going on?”

“I said my afternoon is free, my work is done want to play a little one on one?” Fallon asked.

The game got pretty intense with the two making slam dunks with the waste paper balls.¬†However, the waste paper basketball game got a little out of hand when James and Fallon’s “boss” interrupted the proceedings.

Watch Lebron join Fallon’s fun below via NBC: