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Fallon Mocks Trump’s New Book of Letters From Celebrities: Sequel Will Be ‘Collection of His Favorite Subpoenas’ (Video)

”It’s kind of strange. Trump’s bragging like ‘Look at all the friends I used to have,'“ Fallon mocked

Donald Trump is releasing a new book next month that’s comprised solely of letters the twice-impeached former president has received from celebrities over the years. And, if it sells well, Jimmy Fallon has an idea for the sequel: a compilation of all the times Trump was ordered to appear in court.

Fallon’s guess came during Thursday night’s monologue on “The Tonight Show,” as he marveled at the concept of the book in general, pointing out how weird it is to publish letters from so many people that have disavowed him at this point.

“It’s kind of strange. Trump’s bragging like, ‘Look at all the friends I used to have. It’s all in the book,'” Fallon mocked. “Yep, the first five letters are from celebrities, the rest are just fan mail from Scott Baio.”

But, the “Tonight Show” host is certain that Trump has plenty more letters to fill a second book, just from the government alone.

“If the book does well, the next volume will be a collection of his favorite subpoenas,” Fallon joked. “‘This is a good one. This is a great one, I love that.'”

The twice-impeached former president would of course have these on hand, because he tends to them when they come (for example, during the Jan. 6 committee hearings).

Fallon then turned to poking fun at the cover of the book, which shows Trump himself sitting down and writing a letter — even though the book is called “Letters to Trump.” So why, exactly, it would show Trump writing to himself is unclear, but Fallon gave up on trying to piece that one together.

You can watch Fallon’s full monologue in the video above.