Fallon Jokes Playing the Lottery Reminds Him of Trump’s Stormy Daniels Affair: ‘Days of Build-Up and Then It’s Over in Seconds’ | Video

The “Tonight Show” host kicks things off by ogling the $1.9 billion lotto jackpots

Jimmy Fallon dove into the hot topics of the day in Monday’s “Tonight Show” monologue, joking that the $1.9 billion lottery jackpots reminded him of Donald Trump’s alleged Stormy Daniels affair and hush money case — mostly because playing the lottery also features “days of build-up and then it’s over in a few seconds.”

“The Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots are at a combined $1.9 billion. That’s tonight — I hope you win, I hope you win,” Fallon began. “Playing the lottery is very fun, though. It’s days of build-up and then it’s over in a few seconds. Anyway, Trump’s Stormy Daniels trial is in the news, and it just made me think.”

The next chunk of the late night host’s monologue was indeed dedicated to the embattled former president, considering he had two different court cases happening on the same day in New York.

“It was a busy day for Trump,” Fallon said. “I actually ate lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings just so I could watch all of Trump’s cases on multiple TVs.”

But the 2024 Republican presidential nominee “caught a break” when an appeals court cut the $464 million bond due following his civil fraud trial down to $175 million. Plus, Trump was given an additional 10 days to come up with the money, a topic of hot, ‘will he-won’t he’ speculation over the last couple weeks.”

“It’s the first time anyone’s ever heard, ‘Good news! You only owe $175 million,’” Fallon said of the development, adding that having 10 days to come up with that sum “sounds like the plot to a Jason Statham movie.”

The next bit saw Fallon breaking down the various assets that could possibly be seized by the state of New York if Trump is unable to pay the bond by his new deadline, such as buildings, golf courses and planes. Weighing the upside and downside of each possible asset, the prospect of seizing his luxury private jet was dinged by the fact it’s made by Boeing, Fallon joked.

Then, he turned his attention back to Daniels.

“Meanwhile, the judge in Trump’s Stormy Daniels hush money case rejected his effort to dismiss the trial and set a start date of April 15,” Fallon said. “The judge picked April 15 because it’s tax day and he knew Trump wouldn’t be busy. He’s available.”

Watch Fallon’s full “Tonight Show” monologue in the video above.


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