Fallon Mocks Trump Supporters Who Say Biden Knew About FBI Raid: One Day He’s ‘Senile,’ the Next ‘Knows Everything’ (Video)

“You know you’ve done some shady stuff when the FBI shows up and you’re like ‘And which investigation is this regarding?'” Fallon joked

Following the FBI’s search of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, Jimmy Fallon is getting a good laugh from the reaction of the twice-impeached former president’s supporters — particularly those who are convinced that President Biden had knowledge of the warrant.

On Monday, Trump revealed that the FBI had executed a search warrant in his home — though he classified it as an “unannounced raid.” It was later confirmed that agents seized several boxes, reported to be related to an ongoing investigation into whether Trump had taken any classified information from the White House.

And really, Fallon was tickled just by the idea that it has to be specified which investigation into Trump a search is pertaining to.

“You know that you’ve done some shady stuff when the FBI shows up and you’re like ‘And which investigation is this regarding? Oh, right this way, right this way,’” he joked.

But then, Fallon turned his mockery to Trump supporters, who are now claiming that President Biden knew about the warrant and did nothing to stop the search, despite repeatedly claiming previously that Biden is mentally unfit for his job.

“Biden can’t win with Trump supporters,” Fallon said. “One day he’s completely senile, the next, he knows everything.”

Of course, Fallon wasn’t all that surprised over the outrage from Trump’s allies and supporters. After all, they’ve gotten angry over much smaller incidents than this — like when a certain candy got redesigned for television.

“To put it in context, the green M&M not being sexy anymore also enraged his base, do you remember that?” Fallon joked.

All that said, Fallon has a new theory about Trump’s financial status. The late night host finds it a bit hard to believe that Trump is as wealthy as he’s reported to be, and isn’t using that wealth to flee the planet (literally).

“I’m starting to think Trump’s not really a billionaire because if he were, he’d have blasted off to space by now, don’t you think?” he said.

You can watch Fallon’s full monologue in the video above.