Jimmy Kimmel Asks Strangers About Oscar Noms: ‘Who Do You Think Is Going to Win In Memoriam?’ (Video)

“Betty White”

Last Updated: July 10, 2014 @ 7:15 PM

Jimmy Kimmel once again proved people are willing to say just about anything to be on TV, and asked strangers for reactions to completely made up Oscar nominations on Thursday.

A plethora of participants stepped up to the plate to discuss Adam Sandler‘s fourth Oscar nomination, Rob Schneider being selected as this year’s host, who will win “In Memoriam,” and even whether or not “Jean-Carlo Antipasta” deserved a nomination for his performance in a non-existent movie called “Panera.”

It looked like one woman, however, almost caught onto Kimmel’s game when she was asked about “Lone Ranger” star Armie Hammer.

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“There were a lot of snubs in the Oscars this morning, obviously. What did you think of Armie Hammer being shut out of the Oscars because of ‘Lone Ranger’?” Kimmel’s man on the street asked in the “Lie Witness News” segment (above). “Is it because he’s black?”

“No, I disagree with that,” a woman responded.

No fooling her, right? Wrong.

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“I do think it’s a shame, though,” she said. “Because I think he did an amazing job in ‘The Lone Ranger.'”

Despite Hammer’s “snub,” the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences did show the summer flop a little love by nominating it for two Oscars in the visual effects and make-up departments.


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