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People Name More Avengers Than US Presidents on Jimmy Kimmel (Video)

One man named eight Avengers, but not a single president, instead throwing out the curious ”Grover Washington“

The American people can list more members of Marvel’s Avengers than they can U.S. presidents — at least, that’s what Jimmy Kimmel discovered during one of his man on the street interviews.

“We asked people, name as many Avengers as you can, and then we asked them, name as many presidents as you can,” Kimmel told his audience on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Wednesday night.

The results were terrifying for democracy, but great for box office!

The first woman identified five Avengers, but could only name presidents Barack Obama and George Washington. The second guy listed eight members of the superhero team, but couldn’t name a single president, instead summoning the curious “Grover Washington.”

Others responded with DC Comics characters like Batman, Superman and Robin. One misidentified the Avengers as Power Rangers: “Aren’t they just all different colors? Blue, pink, green, yellow, orange.”

Thomas Edison and Donald Trump were also among the guessed presidents, until one woman was able to impressively recount a lengthy list of presidents, but missed Calvin Coolidge.

Watch the video.