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Jimmy Kimmel Bought a Bunch of Trump Merch Only to Find Out Most of It Came From China (Video)

A couple of the items didn’t say where they were made so Kimmel filed a complaint with U.S. Customs

Jimmy Kimmel spent part of his monologue on Wednesday night talking about Democrat Conor Lamb’s victory over Republican Rick Saccone in the special congressional election in Pennsylvania, even though Donald Trump made a big show of endorsing Saccone — going so far as to give that now-infamous speech at Saccone’s rally on Saturday.

Kimmel used that to segue into a takedown of the Trump family’s online store, which sells all sorts of gaudy and overpriced merchandise with the Trump name plastered all over all of it.

“This loss came only a week after the president made a very blatant attempt to woo voters in Pennsylvania by calling for heavy tariffs on foreign aluminum and steel. Trump, as you know, wants to focus on America, and American-made products and goods. So I wondered, because I agree with that, how things were going on his family website, trumpstore.com,” Kimmel said.

“Have you been there? Because I’m sure Eric and Donald Jr. take this American thing very seriously. These guys are red, white and blue to the core. They’re like a couple of flags wearing hair gel, these two. And in case you wonder what they do all day — they run trumpstore.com. This is the Trump family’s official online store that features, quote, ‘the very latest in Trump-branded merchandise, apparel, headwear, gifts, and much more.'”

You can probably guess where this is going, but Kimmel ended up buying a pile of Trump merch to see how American it really was.

“And you know my wife was yelling at me the whole time I was on the site saying, ‘Don’t order anything from that!’ I ordered a bunch of stuff from it, and this is what happened,” Kimmel said.

Then Kimmel presented the box of stuff he got from the Trump Store, and it included a gold-sealed note from Donald Jr. and Eric thanking him for being one of their first customers. From there, Kimmel went through the items one by one and said where each of them was made. Surprise! None of it said it was made in America.

“First of all I ordered a white Trump golf hat, which I don’t know if you can see but it’s made in China,” Kimmel said as a camera zoomed in on the label. “I got a coffee mug that says Trump on it, which is made in Thailand. I got a golf club cover which is made in China but decorated in the USA. And that’s something. I got a Trump signature duffel bag which is made in China. I got a Trump signature shoe bag which is made in China. I got a blanket which is made — guess where this was made. Yeah. China.”

“I got something for my son, a toddler bib just like the one the president wears when he eats cheeseburgers in bed. Made in — you want to guess where this one was made?” Kimmel asked the audience, which yelled “China” in unison. “No, Peru.”

Then Kimmel noted a pair of items, a gold bar coin bank and a pet bandana, which didn’t have any indication on them where they were made. Kimmel said he looked up the rules for listing country of origin on imported products and read a statute that said that “failure to properly report product origin can result in substantial penalties. Companies can face up to $500,000 in fines per violation or double the loss or gain from the violation related to these violations.”

“This could be very expensive, not to mention this has got to be embarrassing. Are they capable of shame? I mean, Trump’s whole platform is about supporting American companies. His company isn’t even supporting America. you know what I’m going to do? I’m sure Eric and Don Jr. didn’t know about this. I’m sure this was a simple oversight. I’ll just file an official complaint, and let them sort it all out,” Kimmel said before comparing the younger Trumps to Saddam Hussein’s sons for good measure.

“The important thing is that the president’s sons Uday and Qusay are making a lot of money.”

You can view this portion of Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue from Wednesday night in the video embedded at the top of this post.

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