Jimmy Kimmel Compares Trump to an Orangutan for Brushing Dandruff off Macron’s Shoulder (Video)

“That’s really what orangutans do. They groom each other,” Kimmel joked on Tuesday night

The talk of the internet on Tuesday was French President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to the White House, which was just full of awkward interactions between him and Donald Trump in plain view of cameras. And on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Tuesday night, host Jimmy Kimmel had a lot of jokes to sling about some of those weird moments.

“Trump and Macron have an interesting relationship. Trump very much needs a friend, because most of his old ones are going to prison. And Macron is looking to improve his country’s standing in the world, and the United States can help with that,” Kimmel said. “So these two need each other. And Donald Trump really he cannot keep his hands off the guy.”

Then the show played a clip of Trump hugging Macron and kissing him on the cheek several times, and then continuing to hold on to him.

“Macron is like ‘Melania, may I borrow your hat,’ ” Kimmel joked, referencing how Melania Trump was wearing a big floppy hat that earlier in the clip had prevented Donald Trump from getting his face in close to hers.

“Have you ever seen him touch anyone like that? He gave him the full Stormy Daniels there. He was all over him.”

Of course, Kimmel also had a zinger about the most talked-about moment between Macron and Trump, when Trump not only brushed some dandruff off Macron’s shoulder, but also said out loud that that’s what he was doing.

“Here is another weird exchange. At one point during their meeting, Trump noticed something on Macron’s suit, and this was a historic moment because, to the best of my knowledge, it was the first time a world leader ever publicly brushed dandruff off another world leader,” Kimmel said, before getting to the real punchline.

“You know what, that’s really what orangutans do. They groom each other.”

You can watch this portion of the monologue from Tuesday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in the video embedded at the top of this post.