Jimmy Kimmel Dismisses CPAC as ‘a Who’s Who of Who Won’t Accept’ Election Results | Video

The ABC host also pokes fun at Lara Trump’s speech at the right-wing conference

Jimmy Kimmel welcomed the cast of “Oppenheimer” to his ABC show on Thursday night, but during his monologue he was delighted to confirm for his audience that cast member Matt Damon wouldn’t be there. But we know you’re all familiar with the fake feud Kimmel and Damon have had for more than a decade, so we’ll move on.

After that, Kimmel spent some time talking about the annual CPAC conference — the right-wing convention that, as Kimmel noted, always features “a standard collection of Roger Stones and Sloppy Steves and flat-Earthers and what not, with a few foreign dictators and accused sexual predators sprinkled in.”

Joking that this group constitutes “a who’s who of who won’t accept the results of the election,” Kimmel spent a little time mocking the keynote speech given by Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump.

In particular, Kimmel was a bit put off by a moment where she hoped her son will grow up to be “a strong, masculine man,” something she said isn’t permitted in America.

“That’s right,” Kimmel said, clearly a bit skeeved out. “A strong, masculine man. Just like Daddy is.”

At this, the host showed a picture of Lara’s husband, Eric Trump, cracking, “I mean just like, look at the rack on that dude. What a sweet memory for your children to share with their therapist years from now.”

Then Kimmel played a game with his audience called “Real or Fake CPAC Session,” in which he read the title of a purported meeting held at the convention and asked his audience to guess whether or not it’s real.

They were: “Would Moses Go to Harvard?” (real); “Straight White Extinction” (fake); “What You Talkin’ Bout Fani Willis?” (real); “Tinkerbell Culture: Are Fairytales Making Our Kids Fairies?” (fake); “Illegally Blonde” (real); “Cat Fight: Michelle vs. Kamala” (real); “Jagged Little Pillow: The Rise of Mike Lindell” (fake).

There’s plenty more and you can watch the whole thing above now.


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