Jimmy Kimmel Delivers Trump a Harsh, ‘Love Actually’-Style Christmas Message (Video)

Kimmel found a creative new way to parody the “Love Actually” poster board scene as he wished Trump a Merry Christmas

It’s been 16 years since “Love, Actually” first hit theaters, but the scene in which Andrew Lincoln silently confesses his love to Keira Knightley with a bunch of poster boards still gets a lot of mileage. The latest example: Jimmy Kimmel using this unique method of communication to deliver a message to Donald Trump for Christmas.

In the movie, the scene (watch it here if you need a refresher) is the way it is because Lincoln doesn’t want Knightley’s boyfriend (Chiwetel Ejiofor) to know he’s there. So the first poster reads “Say it’s carol singers.” Kimmel’s new version also starts with that line, and when Trump relays the message to Melania in other room she is not amused.

“Who is this Carol Singer? One of your hookers?” Melania asks.

“No, carol singers,” Trump replies. “They come to your door and sing about the baby Messiah.”

Kimmel then proceeded with the rest of his message.

“With any luck, by next year you’ll be here,” Kimmel’s message read, before he revealed a poster that featured a picture of Trump in a prison jumpsuit. And then he went on.

“But for now let me say. It’s Christmas. (And at Christmas you tell the truth). You’ve told over 20,000 lies. Paid only $750 in taxes. You deny science. You tried to ban TikTok. And buy Greenland,” the posters read.

Kimmel then tried to give Trump a little test, with a poster that read “Point to Spain” above a map of the world.

“You can’t,” the next poster mocked.

Kimmel then pulled two more posters that read, “You tried to kill healthcare. And democracy.” But then Melania interrupted, storming through and declaring: “I’ve had enough. I’m leaving you, Donald!”

This being a comedy sketch, Kimmel had a poster message for this: “She’s probably still mad about Stormy.”

Then we got to the end.

“Maybe worst of all. You made this,” the posters read, before Kimmel pulled out one with apicture of Don Jr on it.

“Any thoughts?” Kimmel’s final poster board asked. After a long pause, Kimmel then spoke for the first time in the sketch.

“Wait, you can’t read, can you?” he asked?

“Nope, reading’s for losers.” Trump said before slamming the door.

You can watch this entire bit from Tuesday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in the video embedded up at the top of this article.


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