Kimmel Is Certain Trump’s Jan. 6 Testimony Will Be a Lie: ‘When Donald Trump Takes an Oath, It Ends in Divorce’ (Video)

“As if that means anything,” Kimmel joked

Jimmy Kimmel is just one of many celebrities who believe that Donald Trump’s testimony before the Jan. 6 committee can’t be trusted. After all, Trump has taken oaths before – and they haven’t exactly worked out well, according to the late night host.

During his monologue on Tuesday, Kimmel discussed many headlines, including celebrity Halloween costumes, Hershel Walker’s anti-abortion stance (as well as the several abortions he has allegedly funded) and, of course, the possible indictment of twice-impeached former president Trump. Considering the committee sent him a subpoena referring to him as the central figure in a plan to overturn the election’s results, larger consequences are looming.

“That seems like an understatement,” Kimmel joked of the committee’s charge of being a “central figure.” “That’s like saying Pee Wee is the central figure in the playhouse.”

Trump’s testimony will also be under oath, according to Liz Cheney.

“As if that means anything,” Kimmel mocked. “Typically when Donald Trump takes an oath, it ends in divorce.”

Though many were confident that the former president wouldn’t appear to testify under oath, the politician made it clear that he would if the testimony is televised, which it will be.

“It’s interesting because if he does testify – Trump’s almost certainly going to say something incriminating,” Kimmel concluded. “So the question is: Does he want to be on TV more than he doesn’t want to go to jail? I’m going with TV I think.”

You can watch Kimmel’s full monologue in the video above.