Jimmy Kimmel Discovers White Dogs Take Orders From Donald Trump (Video)

Three out of four pooches obeyed the GOP presidential candidate’s “sit down” command, which was actually directed at Jorge Ramos

Even if humans don’t listen to a word Donald Trump says, apparently 75 percent of dogs do.

Jimmy Kimmel played the recent tape of The Donald ordering Univision reporter Jorge Ramos to “sit down” for four dogs, three of which gamely followed instruction. Kimmel was quick to point out that the three pooches who sat were white, while the lone standing rebel was brown.

“If it comes down to Donald versus Hillary, it’ll be Lady and the Trump,” he quipped of the 2016 presidential election, “and I should probably copyright that.”

Earlier in the segment, Kimmel rolled the full clip of Trump kicking Ramos out of the recent press conference. He had jokes there too.

“He’s not even president yet, he’s already kicking Mexicans out,” Kimmel said.

Watch the video above.

Ramos was booted for attempting to ask a question out of turn. He was eventually let back in to the event, but much controversy has followed the temporary dismissal.