Jimmy Kimmel Gets Humiliating Help From Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Parody

50 Cent and Eminem also show up for a scene from a fake show whose title we know you’ve already guessed

On Tuesday night, Jimmy Kimmel was joined by some of the MVP-est MVPs in hip-hop history — Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent and Eminem. And he marked the occasion with a parody of ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” starring Dre, Snoop and 50 with a title you all see coming.

Yes, “Dre’s Anatomy.” But we forgive the pun, it’s so obvious that not using it would be a crime. The bit featured Kimmel getting some humiliating help from the rap legends (mainly involving jokes about the size of his penis). We laughed, OK?

The scene saw Kimmel wheeled into the ER where Dr. Dre diagnosed him as not having a penis. Dre then called in “Dr. Broadus,” AKA Snoop, who wasn’t able to see said body part until Dre handed him a magnifying glass.

At this point they called in a specialist, “Dr. Jackson,” and 50 Cent came out.

“What do you think,” Dre asked as 50 Cent pulled out a giant telescope.

After looking, 50 smirked and sighed. “Sorry,” he said to Kimmel.

After an amazed reaction by Snoop, Dre opted to remove the offending organ — while receiving unhelpful directions from Snoop.

“It looks like a piece of bubble gum,” Snoop said.

“Guys, could you put that back? I came in for a colonoscopy,” Kimmel said. “I don’t know what’s going on here but I, maybe I’ll come back later? Tomorrow or something?”

“Relax, nephew,” Snoop said before putting an anesthetic face mask on Kimmel that was quite obviously dispensing weed smoke. This sent Kimmel into a weird medical state as his heart rate elevated — but alas, the beeping of the EKG sounded like the opening notes of Dre’s hit song “Still D.R.E.” and the three rappers started performing instead. Which killed Kimmel. RIP!

The bit ended with a joke about how the show just before “Dre’s Anatomy” is called “EM” — starring Eminem. Watch the clip above now.


One response to “Jimmy Kimmel Gets Humiliating Help From Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Parody”

  1. Sathya Avatar

    I watched in secondhand embarrassment. It was the 56 yr old kimmels  idea….bcuz no og rapper thinks 80s and 90s yt guy jokes about magnifying glass and small peens are funny anymore. In fact, those jokes were only funny to yt gen xers 40 years ago. Penis jokes arent that funny in fact this whole scene seemed rather….gay.  Stop letting middle aged yt guys write 2024 jokes. Very de-masculine and you’re 56. New stuff, please….and ..does Kimmel not know who Warren g is? Stop the D jokes…..they aren’t funny 

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