Kimmel Jokes George Santos Is in a Catch-22: ‘I Lied 22 Times and I Got Catched!’ (Video)

The late night host has some advice for the embattled congressman

Serial liar/grifter-turned New York Congressman George Santos recused himself from sitting on any committee assignments on Tuesday. He also did an exclusive interview with the conservative network OAN about the many lies he told that didn’t go so well for him.

All of this was ammunition for Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue Tuesday night as laid into Santos, finally concluding that Santos has himself in a real “Catch-22” situation. Meaning, “I lied 22 times and I got catched!”

“Recusing himself will allow him to spend more time with his husband, Chris Hemsworth,” Kimmel said; obviously the joke here is that Santos lies so much, he’d even lie about being married to the incredibly hot “Thor” actor. “And though it seems pretty clear that most of his fellow Republicans do not want any part of him, he wants everyone to know this was a decision he made by himself.”

Kimmel played a clip of Santos as he walked swiftly down the streets as reporters asked him questions about the decision not to sit on committees. Santos nearly tripped over reporters in the video which set him up for Kimmel’s punchlines.

“Now he’s definitely getting his steps in. I know that for sure,” Kimmel said.

Kimmel played another interview video clip of Santos’ ex-boyfriend, Pedro, who claimed Santos wasn’t a pathological liar when the two were dating. However, Pedro did admit he didn’t know until months into their relationship that Santos was still married to a woman he shared an apartment with.

“Oh, I like Pedro a lot! And by the way, not knowing your boyfriend is married to your female roommate isn’t really a red flag so much as it’s an air raid siren,” Kimmel joked.

Kimmel continued to lay into Santos as he played clips from his exclusive interview with OAN.

“George Whitewashington sat for a lengthy interview today with the friendly faces at One America News,” Kimmel said. “Who, turns out, weren’t as friendly as he’d hoped they would be.”

Kimmel aired a clip of a reporter asking Santos tough questions about the lies he’s told. The reporter asked Santos if there was any scenario where he feels like it’s okay to lie. Santos replied he didn’t think lying is excusable.

“Right.  I may have lied to get here, but now that I’m here, it’s not like I’m not gonna do it again,” Kimmel said. “Just like when I fought Apollo Creed. “It’s a real Catch-22. I lied 22 times and I got catched! That’s how.”

To watch Kimmel’s full monologue, click the video above.