Lindsey Graham Tells ‘Hannity’ Trump Needs ‘Another Shot’ at President, Citing ‘Unfinished Business'(Video)

“There are no Trump policies without Donald Trump,” the Republican senator from South Carolina says

Despite former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley, former secretary of state Mike Pompeo, former vice president Mike Pence and Florida governor Ron DeSantis all being floated as potential presidential contenders in 2024, Sen. Lindsey Graham is unsurprisingly throwing his support behind Donald Trump.

The Republican senator from South Carolina said that the party is “lucky” to have Pompeo, Haley and Pence all considering running for president, but argued during a Wednesday appearance on Fox’s “Hannity” that there are “no Trump policies without Donald Trump.”

Graham touted Trump for actions including increased defense spending from NATO, moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, securing the U.S.-Mexico border and imposing tariffs on China.

“To all these people who are very talented, I don’t think you could do what [Trump] did,” Graham said. “And I want him to have another shot. Unfinished business.”

Hannity noted he recently asked Haley and Pompeo if they had any policy differences at all from the former president and that they didn’t really have an answer.

Graham acknowledged that the GOP needs to prepare for a “really spirited contest” in 2024 and warned that primaries can get “nasty.” But he argued that he’s for Trump because “I know what I’m going to get.”

“We need somebody that on day one can get this country back on track, that can secure our border and bring order out of chaos, somebody the Russians and the Chinese fear, somebody that can take the fight to the terrorists. The Abraham Accords are the result of Donald Trump impressing the Israelis and the Arabs,” he said. “He is the best solution to the problems we face, not because of the flaws of others but because I know what he can do.”

Trump is the only Republican candidate thus far to announce a presidential bid in 2024. While Haley, Pompeo and Pence are all still mulling whether to launch a possible presidential run, Trump has focused much of his energy on DeSantis, most recently arguing that a possible move by the Florida governor would be a “great act of disloyalty.”

DeSantis has also not officially announced a presidential run but has hinted that he might. During a debate with Charlie Christ in October, DeSantis did not commit to serving a full four-year term as the Sunshine State’s governor.

Watch the full “Hannity” segment in the video above.