‘The View’ Host Alyssa Farah Griffin Says Lindsey Graham’s Loyalty to Trump Was ‘A Running Joke’ at White House: ‘Be Your Own Man’ (Video)

“It’s kind of a sad legacy. I once really respected Lindsey Graham,” Farah Griffin said

Sen. Lindsey Graham is standing by twice-impeached former President Donald Trump, fully backing him in his 2024 presidential bid. But for the hosts of “The View,” that’s not overly surprising. According to Alyssa Farah Griffin, Graham’s loyalty to Trump has been “a running joke” since she worked in the White House.

During an appearance on “Hannity” on Monday night, Graham passionately defended Trump, saying that he doesn’t think other GOP politicians “could do what he could, what he did.”

“I want him to have another shot. Unfinished business,” Graham added. “I’m for Donald Trump, because I know what I’m gonna get.”

“What, insurrection?” Farah Griffin joked.

As the discussion around Republican loyalty to Trump continued, host Sunny Hostin asked Farah Griffin directly what Trump “has on” Graham that inspires such fealty. Hostin figured she’d be the best person to ask, considering Farah Griffin worked in Trump’s White House for a time. And indeed, Farah Griffin did have some insights.

“So I don’t know what he has on him, but it was like a running joke among the people closest to Donald Trump, and frankly, Donald Trump himself, that he could do anything and Lindsey Graham would be by his side,” she admitted.

Farah Griffin added that Graham is leaving behind a “sad legacy” at this point, based on who he chooses to align with.

“I once really respected Lindsey Graham, he and I are kind of eye-to-eye on foreign policy matters,” she said. “There’s something about — I don’t self-diagnose people, but like, he needed to follow John McCain. John McCain unfortunately is no longer with us, so now he’s hitching his wagon to Donald Trump. I would encourage Lindsey Graham, be your own man! You don’t need to follow this one.”

You can watch the full segment from “The View” in the video above.