‘The View’: Sunny Hostin Says Kevin McCarthy is ‘Probably a Little Afraid’ of ‘Big Lady’ Marjorie Taylor Greene (Video)

“She’s a big lady! She’s muscular. I mean, it’s just a theory,” Hostin said

The hosts of “The View” have some theories as to why Kevin McCarthy is maintaining his working relationship with Marjorie Taylor Greene — but it’s not entirely for political reasons. On Friday’s episode of the show, host Sunny Hostin theorized that the House speaker is probably afraid of the congresswoman, because “she could probably kick his butt.”

According to The New York Times, McCarthy reportedly told a friend that “I will never leave that woman,” and “I will always take care of her,” after Greene supported McCarthy’s 15 bids to become House Speaker. As a result, host Joy Behar asked the women on Friday, “Why is this idiot hitching his star to this clown?”

And, while most of them pointed to the fact that it’s precisely because Greene fought for McCarthy during his struggles to become speaker, host Sunny Hostin suggested that it might simply be because he is physically afraid of her.

“You know, she was a CrossFitter. She owned a CrossFit gym, she could probably kick his butt too,” Hostin said. “So he’s probably a little afraid of her. She’s a big lady! She’s muscular. I mean, it’s just a theory.”

At that, host Ana Navarro chimed in and noted that “my theory is any of us could kick his butt.”

While on the topic of Marjorie Taylor Greene, host Alyssa Farah Griffin made a point to take a moment and “shut down” the “absurd” idea that she might be chosen by twice-impeached former president Donald Trump to run for VP in 2024.

“Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn’t bring anything he doesn’t already have. Trump has crazy on lock himself,” Farah Griffin said. “He doesn’t need Marjorie Taylor Greene.”

You can watch the full segment from “The View” in the video above.