Kimmel Says George Santos Lied so Much He ‘Basically Catfished an Entire Congressional District’ (Video)

Santos was revealed in December to have misrepresented nearly every aspect of his life

The drama about serial liar-turned-congressman George Santos really blew up during the end-of-year break when most of the late night shows were on hiatus, including “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” But that didn’t stop the host from diving into the matter on his first show of 2021, where after describing the extent of Santos’ lying, he joked that Santos “basically catfished an entire Congressional district.”

“One of the more interesting stories over the break,” Kimmel said as he got into the topic, “this congressman, newly elected Congressman George Santos, he’s from Long Island, New York … He lied about almost everything in his life. He said he went to Horace Mann prep school — didn’t. He said he has degrees from NYU and Baruch College — he doesn’t. He said he worked for Citibank and Goldman Sachs — he didn’t. He said he’s Jewish and his grandparents fled the Holocaust — he isn’t and they didn’t. He said he ran a charity called Friends of Pets United — that doesn’t exist. He said his mother died in 9/11 — she didn’t. He said he’s openly gay — but was married to a woman in 2019. And he may not even be a U.S. citizen — he may have been born in Brazil,” Kimmel said.

And before we go any further, we need to state that everything Kimmel said is true.

“He basically catfished an entire Congressional district,” Kimmel continued. “But despite all that, he showed up to his first day of work in Washington today. Where no one, not one of the many scoundrels wriggling around the House, wanted to sit with him. He just sat.”

“Imagine being so toxic not even Matt Gaetz wants to sit next to you? He just sat there, next to other people’s kids, picking his nose, and wiping it on his hands like a sweaty kid in middle school,” Kimmel went on.

Kimmel noted how Santos has only “kind of” apologized.

“He said he’s sorry for ’embellishing’ his resume and he said a lot of people overstate their resumes to get a job. Which is true. For instance, when I was interviewing for this job, I told ABC I was Rosie O’Donnell.”

“And of course, in the ‘there’s a tweet for everything’ category, back in 2021, Santos, who as I mentioned lied a million times, tweeted ‘Biden is a pathological liar.’ And it’s in all caps, so you know it’s even truer,” Kimmel said as he wrapped up the topic. “He’s now being investigated by federal prosecutors who want to know how he was able to self-fund $700,000 of his campaign when he only reported making $55,000 a year.”

“He must have one hell of an OnlyFans is all I can figure. So George Santos, remember that name. It’s always fun when they introduce a new character,” Kimmel added.