Kimmel Crowns George Santos the Fibbing GOAT After Alleged Credit Card Fraud: ‘The Michael Jordan of Lying’ (Video)

George Santos reportedly being interviewed in 2017 for credit card fraud

Jimmy Kimmel has roasted his share of politicians and other public figures for their dishonesty – but on Thursday night, he crowned the greatest liar of all time.

New revelations about George Santos, the freshman congressman from New York who faces a daily dishonesty scandal, surfaced this week, including that he was questioned by Seattle authorities in 2017 over international credit card fraud.

“This guy, he is the Michael Jordan of lying,” Kimmel said.

Santos is in hot water about many things, from allegedly stealing puppies to lying about every aspect of his life and financial records.

“And then, we have that little devil George Santos,” Kimmel said. “George Santos reportedly raised money for a recount that never happened.” Kimmel also brought up the alleged credit-card fraud scheme.

“And back in 2017, he was interviewed by police in Seattle as part of an investigation into an international credit card fraud scheme,” Kimmel said.

Kimmel joked, “That one’s a little confusing, though, because when the cops showed up to interrogate him, he pulled out his own badge and was like, ‘Thanks, officer … Agent Santos, I’ll take it from here.’”

Over the numerous apparent outright lies Santos has been caught up in since taking office, Kimmel said he’s just waiting for a documentary to be made about him.

“Can we please just fast-forward to the five-part Netflix documentary about the mild-mannered congressman who turned out to be a serial killer?” Kimmel asked.

To watch Kimmel’s entire monologue, click the video above.