Kimmel Spikes Trump’s Alleged Firing Squad Proposal: If He ‘Executes All the Criminals, Who’s Going to Send a Father’s Day Card?’ (Video)

The late-night host joked that Trump would rather host “Squid Game” than be president again

Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday took aim at Donald Trump for allegedly planning to make public execution part of his agenda if he were to win reelection.

He cited a Rolling Stone report stating that the former president intends to bring back firing squads, hangings and the guillotine.

“Is he running for president, or Sheriff of Nottingham? I don’t know,” the host joked during his opening monologue on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

He went on to say that Trump doesn’t even want to be president – “he wants to host a game show where he drops people through a trap door filled with crocodiles at the bottom. He wants to host ‘Squid Game.’”

Joking that Trump “used to be a firing squad,” Kimmel rolled a rapid-fire montage of the former reality show host firing people on “The Apprentice.”

According to one of Rolling Stone’s sources, Trump hopes making group executions part of his platform will “help put the fear of God into violent criminals.”

“That’s right, the guy who thought Rihanna’s [Super Bowl] halftime show was not appropriate for television wants to chop human heads off after an episode of ‘Young Sheldon’ on CBS. Makes a lot of sense,” he quipped, drawing a big laugh from the audience. (Following the show, Trump posted on Truth Social that the star’s performance was an “epic fail” and “the worst” in the event’s history.)

Kimmel punctuated the segment with a final zinger: “If Trump executes all the criminals, who’s going to send them a Father’s Day card?” When the crowd reacted in mild shock, he shot back: “Oh, friends of Ivanka?”

Check out the full monologue above.