Jimmy Kimmel Pitches George Santos as Trump’s Running Mate: ‘Wouldn’t That Be Great?’ | Video

Santos was officially ousted from the House on Friday with a vote of 311 to 114

Jimmy Kimmel has a career idea for George Santos following his expulsion from the House of Representatives: to become Donald Trump’s running mate for the 2024 election.

During a press conference Santos did earlier this week, the politician said that he wouldn’t rest “until I see Donald Trump back in the White House.”

“Wow, the coveted George Santos endorsement. Trump must be ecstatic. I think maybe we found his running mate,” Kimmel said Thursday night. “Wouldn’t that be great?”

The ABC host went on to say that it will be “funny” when Republicans and Democrats vote Santos out of the House on Friday but that it will be “even funnier six months from now when he gets voted out of the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house by Snooki and Flavor Flav.”

Most of Kimmel’s opening monologue on Thursday night was devoted to poking fun at Santos. If he wasn’t making fun of the political leader for saying that this isn’t goodbye forever, “which is exactly what you expect to hear from someone who’s about to say goodbye forever,” Kimmel was editing various clips of Santos. “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” edited Santos into “The Golden Bachelor” finale and added late night correspondent Guillermo Rodriguez into Santos’ press conference.

On Friday, the House voted to expel New York Republican Congressman George Santos. The final vote was 311 in favor of expulsion with 114 against. This was the third time the House conducted a vote about whether or not to expel Santos, but this particular vote comes after a report found Santos was using campaign money on personal expenses such as Botox, OnlyFans subscriptions, a vacation in the Hamptons and a honeymoon in Las Vegas.

Santos has now became the fifth member of Congress to be booted in the history of the United States and only the third to be voted out since the Civil War.


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