Gerard Butler Faces Off Against Jimmy Kimmel in Selfie Contest With Strangers (Video)

Each had to try to get more “twofies” than the other, which is a selfie with another person

Jimmy Kimmel has turned selfie photography into a highly competitive and entertaining game show for his guests.

The ABC late-night host faced off against “How to Train Your Dragon 2” star Gerard Butler on Tuesday in a “twofie shootout” contest, in which each had to try to take as many selfies with as many strangers as possible in 30 seconds.

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The selfies — a term now accepted by the Merriam-Webster collegiate dictionary and is even the title of a new ABC sitcom premiering this fall — had to feature two eyes and two mouths in order to be counted.

Watch the video (above) to see if Kimmel’s comedic charm or Butler’s rugged good looks can put more strangers on Hollywood Blvd. at ease when they surprise them with a cell phone in their face.