Jimmy Kimmel Gives Aunt Chippy Fright of Her Life (Video)

Assignment to cover Austin’s bats does not end well

Jimmy Kimmel showed his love for his Aunt Chippy by handing his profane and prickly relative a choice assignment, one that nearly scared her into an early grave.

“Jimmy Kimmel Live!” decamped for Austin, Texas this month to cover SXSW, but the late night show was also intent on enjoying Lone Star state culture. To that end, Chippy was asked to head over to the Congress Avenue Bridge, an unlikely tourist destination where visitors flock each night to watch as thousands of bats emerge at sunset in search of food.

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Chippy did not sound too enthusiastic about getting video of the largest urban bat colony in North America.

“I think Jimmy’s a little bastard for sending me here,” Chippy said. “He’s out there eating a nice meal. He’s having his Austin Special, eating like he’s got two a–holes, and I’m out here waiting for the bats to show up.”

It got worse for Chippy. Cousin Sal was on hand to give her the fright of her life.

Watch the video: