Kimmel Trashes Herschel Walker’s Runoff Campaign: Spent More Time With Ted Cruz ‘Than He Spent With All His Children’ (Video)

“I really think Lindsey Graham might be in love with Herschel Walker,” the host joked

In light of the Georgia Senate runoff election, which is less than a week away, late night host Jimmy Kimmel brought audiences updates on Republican candidate Herschel Walker’s comical campaign strategy Tuesday.

Walker has been pulling out all the stops, including visits from senators Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham in almost every appearance.

Kimmel joked that the two Republican senators “have spent more time with him than he spent with all his children combined” before playing a montage of the senators campaigning with the politician, begging Americans to vote for him and a video of Graham doing pushups, chanting “Team Herschel,” as Walker counts.

“I really think Lindsey Graham might be in love with Hershel Walker,” Kimmel joked. “By the way, it’s hard to do pushups with an erection, that’s a lot.”

Kimmel also discussed MyPillow’s Mike Lindell announcing that he wants to be in charge of the Republican Party campaign, or as the host put it, the businessman is “throwing his tinfoil hat in the ring.”

“What about the pillows?” Kimmel mocked. “Without MyPillows, Donald Trump will have nothing to scream into at night anymore.”

The “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” host also mentioned Trump’s latest social media fit about Special Counsel Jack Smith, who was appointed to oversee the investigation into classified documents the twice impeached former president took to Mar-a-Lago. Trump angrily questioned when people would “invade the other Presidents’ homes” for documents that they allegedly took, though not as “openly and transparently” as he did.

“I’m not a laywer, but it seems that he just admitted in writing to taking the documents,” Kimmel joked. “Maybe he’s right, maybe we don’t need a Special Counsel, he just closed the case himself. Saying you comitted the crime ‘openly and transparently’ is not a defense, it’s a confession.”

Watch the full monologue in the video above.