Jimmy Kimmel’s Annual Belly Flop Competition Puts People’s Stomachs to the Test (Video)

The ABC late-night host pulled “confused pedestrians” from the street to perform the most daring of pool jumps outside his Los Angeles studio

Last Updated: July 16, 2014 @ 4:31 PM

If you think your belly flops are the cream of the crop, then hang around outside Jimmy Kimmel’s Hollywood studio this time next year, because he just pulled five pedestrians off the street to compete in his 8th annual Belly Flop Competition.

The contest (above) was filled with speedos, splashes and “Dancing with the Stars” professional Cheryl Burke trying her hardest to get drunk.

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Burke joined the elite judging panel alongside Olympic diver Greg Louganis and “Wipeout” co-host John Henson, who appeared to only give out perfect scores if the contestant looked good in a bikini.

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You read that right. A contestant in a belly flop competition actually looked good in a bikini.

Fortunately for the fat guys in speedos, Burke and Louganis recognized the year-round commitment it takes to maintain an impressive splash radius.


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