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You Won’t Believe How Many Times Jimmy Kimmel Brought Up Mike Lindell’s Prior Crack Addiction (Video)

The late-night host made eight references to it, and the MyPillow CEO occasionally played along

After a long campaign to make it happen, Jimmy Kimmel finally managed to get MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell on his show Wednesday night. And while Kimmel did question Lindell on some of the claims and conspiracy theories he’s pushed — and continued to try and push on the show — there was one topic that seemed to come up more than any other: crack.

Prior to becoming a CEO, Mike Lindell was indeed a crack user. It’s a huge piece of his personal story, so much so that he included it in the title of his book: “What Are The Odds? From Crack Addict To CEO.” Lindell even brought a copy of the book with him to give to Kimmel, who revealed he’d already read it.

Kimmel even went so far as to tell Lindell that, having also read Hunter Biden’s book, the pair have a lot in common. Lindell conceded a bit there, agreeing that they both suffer from paranoia after their crack use. From there, the crack references flowed.

Kimmel gave a quick SparkNotes version of Lindell’s origin story, kicking things off with two crack references. “You did a lot of stuff,” he began. “You then got addicted to cocaine, and then crack. You have a gambling problem, you supported yourself counting cards. You smoked more crack.”

Before the 5-minute mark of the interview hit, Kimmel and Lindell had collectively made five references to Lindell’s past crack use. By the end of the interview, they would make an additional three. Though most crack drops came at the beginning, for an interview that spanned roughly 18 minutes, making eight crack references averages out to one remark roughly every two and a half minutes.

Arguably the most brutal poke at Lindell’s past use came as Kimmel pushed the CEO on his lawsuit and countersuit with Dominion Voting Systems. Lindell argued that, even if Donald Trump had been voted back into office, Lindell “would still be sounding the alarm” on the machines, because he truly believes they were hacked.

“I believe that you are sincere,” Kimmel responded. “I also think there’s something going on from the crack or something, that’s made you think — I mean, you mentioned paranoia.”

To that, Lindell did not coherently respond. He merely said “Well…” and shrugged his shoulders.

You can watch Jimmy Kimmel’s full interview with Mike Lindell in the video above.