Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Matt Damon: His Next Movie Should Be Called ‘The Bourne Loser’ (Video)

The late-night host jabbed his famous friend about reprising his action hero character Jason Bourne

Matt Damon will be back as Jason Bourne and Jimmy Kimmel can’t help but make fun of the 44 year-old actor for it. The ABC late-night host announced the news to his studio audience on Monday night to which the crowd burst into a barrage of boos.

“It’s almost as if you were coached to do that,” Kimmel said.

Kimmel has playfully poked fun at Damon since his show’s early days on the air. Kimmel has been known to end each night by apologizing to the actor for, “running out of time,” suggesting that he was bumped off the program.

“Did you know that to get Matt Damon to deliver his lines, they put peanut butter in his mouth to make it look like he’s talking,” Kimmel said on Monday.

Kimmel also has an idea for the title of the next Bourne franchise film – The Bourne Loser. He’s even mocked up a movie poster with Damon holding a pink backpack over his right arm while his left arm rests in a sling.

As TheWrap previously reported, Damon confirmed reports of his return to play Jason Bourne at an event celebrating the fourth season of “Project Greenlight.”

“It’ll be in 2016 when the movie will actually come out,” Damon said. “Paul Greengrass is going to do another one and that’s all I ever said. I just needed him to say yes.”

Jeremy Renner took over the super spy leading role when he played Aaron Cross in 2012’s “Bourne Legacy.”

Watch the video from “Jimmy Kimmel Live” above.