Jimmy Kimmel Jokes Marjorie Taylor Greene Is so Childish, ‘Matt Gaetz Just Asked Her Out’ | Video

Kimmel says he also can’t believe Donald Trump is still trying to use the “Sleepy Joe” insult for President Biden

Jimmy Kimmel offered up a twofer insult against two very annoying Republicans on Wednesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” insulting both Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz in the same joke.

Then Kimmel turned his attention to Donald Trump, mocking him for continuing to insult President Biden by calling him “Sleepy Joe,” despite the fact Trump is the one falling asleep in court.

You can watch the full monologue at the top of the page now.

“Because she hasn’t been getting enough attention lately, the Greene Goblin declared war on her fellow Republican Mike Johnson.” Kimmel said as he brought up Representative Greene’s new attempt to have Johnson fired as Speaker of the House.

Greene is mad that Johnson agreed to pass a bill funding aid to Ukraine, or as Kimmel put it, he “did the unthinkable and compromised with Democrats and moderate Republicans to get something done.”

“Marge says next week, she will introduce a motion to vacate Speaker Johnson. But she won’t get far because Democrats have promised to step across the aisle and vote to save Johnson for the good of the House,” Kimmel explained.

For those catching up, previous House Speaker Kevin McCarthy repeatedly refused to work with Democrats on any issue. Even after House Republicans, led by right wingers including Greene, moved to have him ousted, he continued to reject offering Democrats any sort of compromise to win their support. In response, Republicans were able to remove him when Democrats unanimously refused to save him.

Johnson didn’t make the same mistake, hence Democrats’ willingness to save him.

“Oh man I would hate to be Marge’s kettle bells on a day like this,” Kimmel joked about Greene’s inevitable failure. “Wait until she finds out Hakeem Jeffries has also agreed to be Mike’s new porn accountability partner.”

He then played video of Greene losing it at length while rambling about various anti-government and pro-Trump talking points.

“This woman is in Congress, by the way. This is not one of the random crazy people standing outside the House screaming. This crazy person came from inside the House. What kind of behavior…” Kimmel asked. “She’s acting like such a child, Matt Gaetz just asked her out on a date.”

Later in the monologue, Kimmel brought up how Donald Trump recently posted “Where’s Sleepy Joe? He’s sleeping, that’s where” on his social media platform.

“I need to analyze this,” Kimmel said. “OK so what he does is, he poses a question: ‘Where’s SLEEPY JOE?’ And then we have to go through a process. Like, what does he mean where’s Sleepy Joe? We saw the President yesterday. Is he missing now? Why is he asking this? I thought it was Hunter he was always wheresing for? Not Joe.”

“And why is a person who, over the last three weeks has fallen asleep in public more times than a tree sloth, calling anyone other than himself ‘Sleepy’?” Kimmel continued. 

“It’s called projection. He’s embarrassed that he’s the one who keeps falling asleep – so he projects it on others,” Kimmel eventually declared.


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