Kimmel Calls Out New York Post Over Article Labeling Fauci a ‘Narcissist’

Because if having your likeness on the wall in your own office is an issue, Kimmel has a few other offenders to show the paper

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel had a few things to say after the New York Post ran an article that included commentary from social media users who branded Dr. Anthony Fauci a “narcissist” for having a portrait of himself – and a bobblehead in his image – in his own house.

“Meanwhile, the unfortunate punching bag when it comes to COVID continues to be Dr. Fauci,” Kimmel began midway through his “Jimmy Kimmel Live” monologue Tuesday night. “The other day, The New York Post called out Dr. Fauci – they’re looking for anything they can sink their little teeth into. They posted a bunch of tweets calling Fauci a ‘narcissist’ – this is what they do when they want to say something, but they don’t want to say it, they post tweets that say it – because Fauci has a self portrait and a bobblehead of himself in his office at home, which is interesting because if having a bunch of pictures and bobbleheads of yourself makes you a narcissist, then buckle up, New York Post … because you’re not gonna like what we found about this guy.”

Kimmel’s show then cut to a photo of former President Donald Trump in his Trump Towers office, surrounded by a handful of photos of himself on the walls. The late night host also showed another photo of Trump’s son, Eric Trump, also with images of himself on the wall.

But Kimmel wasn’t above a little self-flagellation, cutting to a picture of the various bobblehead likenesses of himself in his own office. “That is a sick individual,” he joked about himself.

“Here’s the thing, when somebody sends you a bobblehead of yourself, what are you supposed to do, throw it out? A witch could find it and stick it with needles like a voodoo doll,” Kimmel said.

Watch the whole monologue above, or this particular bit starting at around the 3:11 mark.