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Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers Tackle MyPillow Guy’s Recent Election Related Claims With Dramatic Parodies (Video)

The NBC and ABC late night hosts reacted to Mike Lindell’s recent comment he has “enough evidence to put everyone in prison for life”

Both “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and “Late Night with Seth Meyers” tackled MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s recent comments about the 2020 election in their Thursday night monologues, imagining dramatic scenes involving the avid Trump supporter.

Kimmel and Meyers both played a recent Lindell interview from Real America’s Voice, where the MyPillow guy said they had “enough evidence to put everyone in prison for life — 300 and some million people.”

“What? ‘300 and some?'” Kimmel said, reacting to the statement. “There are only 330 million people in the country. How would that work? Would that include prison guards and how does this help sell pillows if you put everyone in prison? You know he keeps saying he has this evidence. He’s like James Cameron with his ‘Avatar’ sequel. ‘Just 12 more years. I promise it’s coming.'”

Kimmel then cut to a mock jailhouse interview, starring impressionist James Adomian as Lindell.

In the scene, which you can watch via the clip at the top of this page, Kimmel interviews fake Lindell via satellite, who is behind bars because the evidence he claimed to have to lock almost everyone behind bards, included himself. As the bit continues, Kimmel notices fake Lindell has a teardrop tattoo. It’s “because I’m sad about our stolen election,” Adomian as Lindell says. There’s also a bit about fake Lindell drinking toilet water before a prison riot erupts and he suits himself up in armor made of pillows.

Over on Meyers’ NBC show, also above, he played the same Real America’s Voice clip where Lindell made the claim about having evidence to arrest most of America.

“You have enough evidence to prison everyone for life? I’d love to watch one of those HBO murder dramas starring Nicole Kidman with Lindell as one of the detectives who just bursts into the room during the interrogation,” Meyers said, before giving a dramatic reading of a mock scene starring Lindell.

“‘Ma’am, where were you on the night of the murder? And how many times did you vote in the election?'” Meyers said, using a Lindell-style voice.