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Jimmy Kimmel Slammed for Mocking Asian Woman’s Name at Oscars

”I thought the Oscars weren’t racist anymore,“ writes one observer

Jimmy Kimmel’s tour bus skit has gotten him a whole lot of praise. But the Oscar host is also getting some blowback for mocking an Asian woman’s name during the Sunday’s movie awards ceremony.

Kimmel invited a bunch of unknowing tourists into the Dolby Theatre, who were star struck at the many famous faces they were seeing. When Kimmel asked an Asian woman for her name, she told him her name was Yulree, which rhymes with “jewelry.”

Kimmel responded, “your name is Yulree? I know it rhymes with jewelry! That’s some name!” Then, he asked her husband what his name was, to which he responded, “Patrick.”

“See, that’s a name!” said Kimmel.

However, some people on Twitter took offense and also threw Mahershala Ali’s name into the mix, which Kimmel mentioned a few times throughout the night.

“It’s not the #Oscars unless they make fun of Asians somehow. This time, it’s Yulree’s name. Not really laughing,” wrote one user.

“Names like Mahershala and Yulree confuse @jimmykimmel. He prefers a real name like Patrick. And I thought the #Oscars weren’t racist anymore,” wrote another.

A representative for Kimmel has not yet responded to TheWrap’s request for comment.

See reactions to Kimmel’s skit below.