Kimmel Dubs Ted Cruz ‘the Senator Version of Nickelback’: Despised by Everyone but Still ‘Doing His Thing’

The late night host says that you know Herschel Walker’s senatorial campaign is in trouble when he needs to call in Cruz for help

Even Jimmy Kimmel needs to hand it to Texas Senator Ted Cruz: Nobody likes him, and “yet somehow he’s still out there doing his thing. He’s like the senator version of Nickelback.”

The late night host went on an anti-Cruz riff Thursday while discussing the embattled Georgia senatorial candidate Herschel Walker and his preparation for a runoff election against Sen. Raphael Warnock. Kimmel teased that Walker’s campaign must be in dire straights if he’s hitting the campaign trail with a guy like Cruz.

“In Georgia, Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock have already started campaigning for their runoff next month. That race could ultimately decide who controls the Senate, so Republicans are sending in the big guns,” Kimmel said. “Herschel was out on the trail today with Ted Cruz. You know you’re campaign’s in trouble when somebody picks up the phone and says, ‘Get us Ted Cruz right away!’”

Then, knocking Walker’s intellect, Kimmel joked that the political hopeful probably didn’t even know who Ted Cruz was, mistaking him for a certain movie star.

“It’s funny, when they told Herschel Ted Cruz was coming, he’s like, ‘Hell yes! “Top Gun”!’ And, uh, no, that’s Tom,” he said.

That kicked off the “nobody likes Ted Cruz” bit, where the host proceeded to show footage of Cruz being booed in his hometown of Houston – just before someone threw a drink at his head – and of his daughter pulling away from a kiss in disgust.

“Nobody likes Ted Cruz. This is the reception he got in his hometown of Houston at the World Series parade: people booing nonstop. No one has ever been booed at a World Series parade before. It’s historic! Even Ted Cruz’s daughter wants not part of him.”

And that brought him to the Nickelback dig.

“Nobody likes Ted Cruz – and yet somehow, he’s still out there doing his thing. He’s like the senator version of Nickelback. It’s inexplicable!”

Watch Kimmel’s full Thursday night monologue in the video above.