Kimmel Mocks Trump’s Reference to Shadow Operatives Who Hide Under Rugs: ‘That’s Not a Roomba, It’s George Soros’ | Video

“You know, just because Melania hides from you under carpets and rugs doesn’t mean other people do that. It’s unusual,” the host jokes

Between dealing with his various indictments and posting to Truth Social about them, Donald Trump attended a gala Saturday for New York Young Republicans at which he was a featured speaker.

Needless to say, it did not go well, which gave ABC’s late night host Jimmy Kimmel all the room he needed to include it in his monologue Monday.

“He treated the crowd to a very normal, rational thought,” a dripping-with-sarcasm Kimmel said before cutting to video of the speech.

In it, former President Trump is rambling about an apparent conversation he had with his Secret Service detail about riding in his specially armored vehicle.

“How the hell do they know I’m in the car?” Trump said, presumably of potential bad actors.

“Because they have windows that are this thick,” Trump continued, spreading his thumb and fingers out to indicate a few inches in length. “They’re like really good. Very good. I have guys walking up to that thing that if they held out a little thing I’d say, ‘Go ahead, shoot, shoot.’ Because you know what happens, the bullet bounces back and kills them. They say, ‘I got this guy. I got him.’ Go ahead and shoot, here I am. Shoot.”

Then Trump animated the result of the imagined showdown.

“Bing, boing — that’s the end,” he said.

After cutting back to the host, Kimmel said he liked it when Trump did his own sound effects before setting up the payoff clip of Trump, which then rolled.

“Our mission in this race is to win a historical and powerful mandate to take back our nation,” Trump monotoned, reading off a very nearby prompter. “From the shadow government of corrupt alliances, hidden…”

Trump then paused, seemingly confused with what he was seeing on the prompter, from which he turned away.

“Hidden people,” he continued, now sounding and appearing dazed. “They hide under carpets. And rugs.”

With that, the show cut back to Kimmel, who was grinning widely.

“Right, carpets. That’s not a Roomba, it’s George Soros,” Kimmel said, pointing to the stage and laughing. “They hide under carpets and rugs. You know, just because Melania hides from you under carpets and rugs doesn’t mean other people do that. It’s unusual.”

Watch the rest of Kimmel’s monologue at the top of this post.


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