Jimmy Kimmel on Trump Typos: ‘He Won’t Be Swayed by a Bunch of Left-Wing Liberal Dictionaries’ (Video)

Kimmel brought the jokes about Trump’s still uncorrected misspelling of “counsel” in a tweet from Wednesday morning

During his monologue on Wednesday night, Jimmy Kimmel had a lot to catch up on with “DO NOT CONGRATULATE” happening late enough on Tuesday that he only managed a brief mention of the note that launched a thousand memes from Tuesday. So he had to address that, as well as Donald Trump’s incredible typo-filled angry tweet about special counsel Robert Mueller from Monday morning, and more.

“The president created a little storm of his own on Twitter today,” Kimmel said after mentioning the winter storm that closed the government on Wednesday. “He is fuming over criticism he’s been getting for making a congratulatory call to Vladimir Putin. You know Putin won the fake election they have over there and Trump cannot imagine why anyone would have a problem with him congratulating Putin even though before the call his own national security team wrote the words ‘DO NOT CONGRATULATE’ in all caps. Which is true. Which all but guaranteed he would indeed congratulate Vladimir Putin.”

Kimmel thought it was particularly funny that basically everything Trump does ends up being leaked to the press, including his angry reactions to things being leaked to the press.

“There’s a small group of people that have access to that information and were there for that phone call which means someone in his circle leaked the story to the press. Some White House staffers believe the leak was a deliberate attempt to embarrass the president, as if he needs help with that,” Kimmel joked. “The part of the story I love, and I don’t even think he realizes this, the fact we know he’s mad about the leak is because someone leaked his reaction to the leak. Which it’s a lot of leaks. Might be time for this White House to start wearing Depends.”

Kimmel then showed a chart that the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” team had put together a chart showing the five stages of Trump being angry — Wednesday’s being the most severe. Look here:

jimmy kimmel live trump anger level chart

Kimmel then launched into a discussion of Trump’s angry typo-filled tweet about Mueller from Wednesday morning in which he spelled “counsel” as “council.” The tweet also contained an additional misspelling and “the the” where he was trying to type “to the” — and, after deleting it, he posted a corrected version of the tweet that maintained the use of “council.” That “corrected” tweet is still up, as you can see here.


“If you are wondering if our president is crazy or just dumb — dumb just won another round, okay. As of now they still haven’t corrected the spelling of “council.” I guess he wants to show his base he won’t be swayed by a bunch of left-wing liberal dictionaries,” Kimmel quipped.

“Having a leader who cannot spell is potentially dangerous. What if he gets hungry and thinks he is sending a text and instead tweets, ‘Preparing to order LAUNCH. Maybe we’ll get some Chinese”? We could wind up with war with China. If only there was a program on our phones that told us when we misspell something.”

You can view this portion of Jimmy Kimmel’s Wednesday monologue in the video above.