My Pillow’s Mike Lindell Will Appear in Person on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Next Week (Video)

“We are bed, bath, and beyond excited to have you,” Kimmel jokes about booking the avid Trump supporter as a guest

Jimmy Kimmel and My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell will finally meet face to face after the avid Trump supporter accepted Kimmel’s somewhat-joking invitation to come on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Lindell will appear as a guest on April 28, one week from tonight.

“All our dreams are coming true,” Kimmel joked during his opening monologue.

“Santa’s coming early this year and his name is Mike now,” he said a bit later. “I do have to say – his enthusiasm – is infectious. We’ve been doing this show for a lot of years now – I don’t think anyone has ever been more excited to be a guest.”

“Hey, listen, that makes two of us, Mike,” Kimmel added. “We are bed, bath, and beyond excited to have you.”

You can watch the whole monologue above — Kimmel gets right down to My Pillow business pretty much from the jump.

Kimmel has made fun of Lindell quite a lot lately, but on Monday, in between jabs he said: “What Mike Lindell doesn’t seem to understand is, I’m his biggest fan! I have no idea what he’s doing, but I love it. I’m enjoying it. Of course I would have him on our show!”

He did however include two conditions for Lindell: One, “He has to actually come in to our studio. I need to see him in person. I want to smell the Knackwurst in his mustache”; and two, “I would like to conduct our interview in a bed, surrounded by pillows. Just me and Mike, snuggled up side by side in a California King, surrounded by sacks of goose feathers.”

On Wednesday, Lindell finally responded — he said yes — but he had his own condition for the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host.

“Jimmy I’ll do that, but not the goose feathers. Goose feathers are bad for you,” Lindell said. “Your cervical nerve– you need My Pillow’s patented fill,” he said. “I’ll take you up on that. I will come live on your show with one of my California King(s). I will bring it there, a brand-new bed we’re just launching. I will absolutely do that. We’ll bring in pillows, you can keep the pillows. I’ll give your whole audience pillows if you pull this off.”


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