Jimmy Kimmel’s Solution for iPhone Sickness: ‘Stop Looking at Your F—ing Phone’ (Video)

Alleviates motion sickness, vertigo, nausea and headaches in people with iOS7

People who upgraded their iPhones and iPads to Apple’s new iOS7 operating system have been experiencing symptoms such as dizziness, headaches and even vertigo, possibly due to the movement of the newly-designed icons on those high-resolution screens.

While Obamacare undergoes first-day glitches and the federal government shutdown renders any of its services unable to assist the common citizens, Jimmy Kimmel has a surefire way to avoid iOS7 sickness: “Stop Looking at Your F**king Phone Every 5 Seconds!”

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Though Kimmel’s crew says the drug is foolproof, the commercial warns that side effects may include “eye contact, conversations, facial expressions and other human stuff,” and that users should consult a doctor if they are unable to stop trying to zoom into people’s faces with their fingers.

As the FDA is mostly shut down with the rest of the federal government, Stop Looking at Your F**king Phone Every 5 Seconds!’s claims have not been evaluated, nor has it been officially approved for use for people who stare at their iPhone screens while wandering around in traffic. But it’s safe to say it certainly can’t hurt.

Watch the video: