‘The Daily Show’ Mocks Trump Claim That Biden Was ‘Locked and Loaded’ to Assassinate Him in Mar-a-Lago Raid | Video

“I’ve never heard Joe Biden sound so f—king cool in my life!” Michael Kosta exclaims

“The Daily Show’s” guest host Michael Kosta mocked Donald Trump’s claims that President Joe Biden was strapped up ready to assassinate him in during the FBI’s raid of his Mar-a-Lago to obtain classified documents.

“Holy shit! ‘Locked and loaded?’ ‘Ready to take me out?,’” Kosta said, reciting Trump’s remarks. “I’ve never heard Joe Biden sound so f—king cool in my life.”

Kosta continued, saying the former president made the 81-year-old look an action film star.

“I always thought of him as a doddering old man, but Donald Trump makes him look like one of the ‘Expendables.’ ‘The rest of you take what you want, but leave the orange man to me. Can you tape “Wheel of Fortune?” This might take a little while.’”

Kosta’s jokes are in response to Trump falsely accusing Biden of authorizing deadly force as part of the FBI’s search of his estate in 2022.

Trump made the statement via a fundraising email, and then took to social platform Truth Social, claiming he was “shown reports” that Biden’s “DOJ authorized the FBI to use deadly (lethal) force.” The former president was citing boilerplate language that the FBI says it puts in all search warrants, a routine disclosure of its use-of-force policy.

“Now personally, think it’d be very difficult to assassinate Donald Trump, mostly because he would never get that close to a book depository,” Kosta said. “But regardless, I don’t think Trump actually fears getting assassinated by Joe Biden, and the reason is because he announced it in a fundraising email. If you’re dodging bullets, you don’t stop to wave your Venmo QR code. ‘Please somebody send me money.’”

The FBI said they followed “standard protocol” when performing the raid, “which includes a standard policy statement limiting the use of deadly force. No one ordered additional steps to be taken and there was no departure from the norm in this matter.”

As a result of their search, agents recovered about 100 government documents that were labeled classified.


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