Jimmy Kimmel Proves Way Too Many Americans Don’t Know Who Joe Biden Is (Video)

Americans on Hollywood Blvd. – at least

Joe Biden may be leaving the White House in 2016, but Americans have already forgotten him.

With the vice president’s motorcade clogging up streets in Los Angeles on Monday, Jimmy Kimmel set out to test the politician’s celebrity status in Hollywood.

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When Kimmel’s crew asked strangers on the street to explain who Biden is, the answers ranged from way off (“a terrorist group?”) to luke warm (“a congressman?”) to close enough (“he’s like the assistant president, or something, right?”).

Biden was in Los Angeles to attend several functions, including a $2,500-per-person fundraiser for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

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If the man plans on making a play for the non-assistant presidential position set to open up in two years, he better hire a better publicist.