Jimmy Kimmel Celebrates Being Named the Internet’s Most Dangerous Searched Celebrity (Video)

“If you can’t handle it, go Google George Stephanopoulos,” says the late night comedian

Jimmy Kimmel has been deemed the internet’s most dangerous search celebrity by Antivirus protection company McAfee — but he’s embracing this new distinction with pride.

“Do you guys feel safe right now?” Kimmel asked his studio audience on Wednesday night. “Are you aware that you’re in the presence of the most dangerous person on the internet?”

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McAfee found that if you go looking for videos or downloads of Kimmel, you have a 1 in 5 chance of clicking on a page that contains viruses and malware. Last year, Kimmel was ranked 39th on the list of names that can lead to the most harmful material on the Internet.

“I guess I really stepped up my game this year because I am now at the top of the virus heap,” Kimmel said. “I enjoy being number one at something. I’ve never been number one at anything before.”

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Kimmel provided a video reel of both national and local news anchors reporting on the ABC late night host being named the most dangerous celeb on the web.

“You’re damn right!” Kimmel said. “Sometimes people ask me, ‘Jimmy, why are you so dangerous?’ The answer is, I don’t know. It’s just who I am. If you can’t handle it, go Google George Stephanopoulos.”

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Rounding out the top five dangerous online celebrities is Armin Van Buuren, Ciara, Flo Rida and Bruce Springsteen.

Watch the video from Wednesday night’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” above.