Joe Pesci Returns to Screen in ‘Home Alone’ Advertisement for Google Assistant (Video)

Actor’s first film in nine years will be Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman”

Hey Google, what has Joe Pesci been up to lately?

The “Home Alone” and “Goodfellas” actor has largely remained out of the public eye, and his first movie in nine years will be Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman,” due out later this year. But in a rare, surprise appearance, Pesci showed up in a Google commercial in which he watches and admires yet another Google commercial.

Several weeks back, Google released an ad featuring an all-grown-up Macaulay Culkin using the Google Assistant to get him through his day while stuck Home Alone. It was cute, though not quite a reunion, because although you heard a young Pesci’s voice at the end, the actor was nowhere to be seen.

But now Google has imagined Pesci as an actor who got lucky enough to do some voice work for a big commercial during the Super Bowl.

“I nailed it, I did. I nailed it,” a starry-eyed Pesci says in the ad.

So again, it’s not a reunion, and Pesci isn’t playing his classic burglar character Harry, but we’re glad he’s back even for this brief commercial. Now when does Daniel Stern get his own commercial for Google Assistant?

Watch the ad that Google premiered on Twitter Friday above.