Joe Pesci Told Louis C.K. He Was ‘No Good’ at Stand-Up and Should Quit (Video)

“He said, ‘As an actor, you’re okay, but the stand-up? Get out now. It’s not for you,'” “Horace and Pete” star tells Howard Stern

Last Updated: April 12, 2016 @ 6:02 PM

Joe Pesci had some harsh words for Louis C.K. when the comedian called and asked him to be on his show “Horace and Pete”: “Where the f– did you get my number?”

In an interview with Howard Stern on his Sirius XM show, C.K. revealed that in the same conversation, the actor also told him to quit doing stand-up.

“He said, ‘I watched your stand-up, which I can tell you’re just trying, and you’re no good at it… quit that now,'” C.K. said. “He said, ‘As an actor, you’re okay, but the stand-up? Get out now. It’s not for you.'”

But it wasn’t all bad news. C.K. said that Pesci not only complimented his acting, but ended up spending a full day at the actor’s house in New Jersey discussing the role. “He liked the script, and he liked what I wrote,” he said. But Pesci turned down the role because he prefers to spend time with his family.

“He said to me in the end, ‘I think your show is going to be very successful and for that reason I’m declining,'” C.K. said.

In the same interview, C.K. told Stern that he’s “millions of dollars” in debt over his self-produced web series “Horace and Pete,” starring Steve Buscemi, Alan Alda, Edie Falco, Steven Wright and Jessica Lange.

“I had to take out a line of credit.” he told Stern. “I’m not a wealthy guy. I don’t have a ton of money saved up.”

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