Joe Rogan Mocks Failed ‘CNN Minus’ With Impression of ‘Strange’ Brian Stelter (Video)

“Imagine the hubris of thinking that something people don’t want for free, you’re gonna charge money for it,” the podcast host said of CNN+

Podcaster Joe Rogan found humor in the rapid shutdown of CNN’s failed streaming service, CNN+, ridiculing CNN anchor Brian Stelter with a brutal (some might call it impressive) impression in the process.

On a Friday episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” the host and his guest, British political commentator Douglas Murray, focused most of their critique on Stelter’s appearance and mannerisms.

“One of my rules is I try to never be mean about their appearances,” Murray said. “But…”

The pair dissolved into laughter as Murray described finding out that Stelter is much younger than he assumed.

“His pattern of communication is so strange. It’s like, do you listen to other people?” Rogan said. “They talk very differently from you.” He demonstrated by giving an impression of Stelter, exaggerating his voice and body language.

Turning to a discussion of CNN+, which they jokingly rebranded “CNN minus,” Rogan called the shuttered streaming service an act of audacity. “They spent $300 million dollars and got 10,000 subscribers,” he said. “Imagine the hubris of thinking that something people don’t want for free, you’re gonna charge money for it.”

“Jake Tapper seems like a great guy, but I feel like I don’t have to pay for his book club,” he added, referring to the CNN+ program “Jake Tapper’s Book Club.”

Stelter addressed the CNN+ fiasco on Sunday’s edition of “Reliable Sources,” calling the shutdown “stunning” and “painful news for everyone involved.” He was set to host an expanded version of his news and culture show called “Reliable Sources Daily” on the shuttered service.

“Years of development possibly down the drain, some of the shows may never be seen, hundreds of staffers may be laid off while the company is trying to place many of them in new jobs,” he continued, pointedly calling the shutdown “a corporate move.”

The reason that CNN+ was “doomed” from the beginning, he argued, was “the timing of a merger and clashing streaming strategies.” Later in the segment, he invited media reporters from inside and outside of CNN to discuss the fallout in conjunction with Netflix’s falling subscription numbers.

You can watch the full segment at the top.