Joe Rogan Fears ‘Straight White Men Are Not Allowed to Talk’ in ‘Woke’ World

Despite the fact that Rogan has a $100 Million Spotify contract to…talk

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Joe Rogan is very worried about straight white men being silenced. According to the podcast host, who has a $100 million contract with Spotify to talk to roughly 190 million listeners each month (at least as of 2019), society is on a trajectory to a point where straight white men won’t be able to openly voice their opinions.

Rogan voiced that opinion to comedian Joe List on May 13, in episode 1,651 of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” saying that the U.S. is going through “crazy times” and that the need to be “woke” is taking over.

“You can never be ‘woke’ enough,” Rogan said. “That’s the problem. It keeps going. It keeps going further and further and further down the line, and you get to the point where you capitulate where you agree to all these demands. It will eventually get to ‘straight white men are not allowed to talk.”

Rogan added that activists, in his opinion, are operating under an apparent revenge mentality, instead of just trying to live in kindness and peace, pining for a “we just gotta be nice to each other” philosophy.

“[It won’t stop] because it’s your privilege to express yourself when other people of color have been silenced throughout history,” Rogan said, explaining his understanding of “woke” logic. “It will be ‘you’re not allowed to go outside because so many people were imprisoned for so many years.’ I mean, I’m not joking. It’s that crazy.”

The comments come just weeks after Rogan half-walked back assertions he made on a previous episode of the podcast, in which he told his millions of listeners that young people don’t need to get the COVID vaccine.

“I am not a doctor. I am a f—ing moron. I am a cage-fighting commentator,” Rogan said. “I am not a respected source of information, even for me. But I at least try to be honest about what I am saying.”


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