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Joe Scarborough: GOP Must Tell Trump ‘Enough Is Enough’ With Media-Bashing During Pandemic (Video)

The MSNBC host reflected on the president’s tweets as the American death toll climbs

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough lashed out at Republicans Monday morning for being too afraid to confront President Donald Trump about his media-bashing as the coronavirus pandemic continues to take thousands of American lives.

“You have Republican members of the Senate who are responsible for the safety of people inside their state, along with the governors, along with the mayor. You have Republican House members in the same position and yet they’re not speaking out. They’re not even quietly going to the White House, telling the president, ‘Enough if enough. Don’t tweet about Brian Stelter on a weekend that we crossed the 80,000 threshold,'” said Scarborough, referencing Trump’s attack on a CNN anchor over the weekend American coronavirus hit a grim milestone.

Scarborough noted that last week that he too was a victim of Trump’s attacks.

“Like, are you kidding me? Last week, he attacked me and I mean, my God, you’ve got to be in sad shape if you’re focused on me in the middle of a pandemic,” he said, adding that Trump also attacked NBC News Chuck Todd in the same week.

“Freaking nut,” cohost Mika Brzezinski chimed in as a graphic showed a handful of Trump’s hundred-plus tweets from over the weekend.

The former GOP congressman concluded that the best course of action isn’t questioning Trump himself, but looking “at his enablers” in the Senate and House, who, he believes, are increasingly nervous about losing Senate control in November’s election.