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Joe Scarborough: GOP Won’t Come on ‘Morning Joe’ to Talk Debt Unless ‘Democrats Are in the White House’

The former Republican congressman hit his party for not being consistent

During a Monday conversation on “Morning Joe” with former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci and other market experts, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough complained that Republican officials are inconsistent with concerns about national finances.

“You know,” Scarborough said, “it used to be that I could get Republicans on this show to also talk about  massive spending … again ginning up the economy, overheating the economy, the $23 trillion national debt.

“Republicans, they only seem to care about deficits or debts when Democrats are in the White House, but man, we’re looking at bigger spending and more fiscal recklessness than ever before this year,” he added.

Libertarian party chairman Nicholas Sarwark agreed, saying, “Absolutely. You can hear it in that jobs report. You can see the seeds of the destruction.”

Scarborough has hit the GOP many times on his show during the era of President Donald Trump’s administration, saying Republicans are “damned by [their] own silence.” In July, he addressed the party directly: “I’m getting really tired of having to tell you this and please, please, please, don’t write your books about ‘how I won the war’ after Donald Trump leaves town. Speak up now because if you don’t, Donald Trump is going to bring you down.”