Joe Scarborough: ‘There Are Consequences’ to ‘SharpieGate’ and Foreign Leaders Seeing Trump ‘This Unstable’

MSNBC host slams president for focusing on his inaccurate claim Alabama will be hit by Hurricane Dorian

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough ripped President Trump on Friday for the “disturbing” way he has defended an inaccurate statement about Hurricane Dorian heading toward Alabama, noting that world leaders are seeing him seem “this detached and this unstable, emotionally.”

“So much of this is just farce and I’ve gotten to the point I don’t pull my hair out at the ignorance and the nonsense, but in a case like this, he panicked people in Alabama. Now he’s lying about it,” the “Morning Joe” host said, contrasting Trump with previous presidents whose “attention and focus was on protecting people who were in the path of the storm.”

“Of course, the whole world is watching. There are consequences, in Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, and across the world, that our leader seems this detached and this unstable, emotionally,” he Scarborough.

On Sunday, Trump tweeted that Alabama was in the path of Dorian. But it turned out that actually wasn’t the case. He took heat online and across the media. Mistakes happen, as Washington Post columnist David Ignacious said on “Morning Joe,” but Trump has spent the week since insisting he didn’t actually make a mistake.

On Wednesday, he showed reporters at the White House a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration map projecting the path of Dorian that had clearly been altered, with a Sharpie, to extend the projected path into southern Alabama. And so, the “SharpieGate” referred to during Friday’s “Morning Joe” was born.